Channel 4, Red Bull and McCann join Miles Jacobson to support gaming and digital newcomers at Sound City’s summit, Futureproof

Joining Miles Jacobson (Sports Interactive) at Futureproof Summit to speak to delegates interested in entering or developing their business in the digital and gaming sectors are Channel Four, Red Bull, advertising agency McCann and Liverpool FC.

Colin Macdonald, Commissioning Editor for Games for Channel Four will join a roundtable session that explores how developers can create opportunities to collaborate with TV companies and brands.

Colin entered the games industry in 1990 as software manager of SAM Computers, the manufacturer of the last British home computer, then founded a small games company which brought around 20 titles to market, including licences of Lemmings and Prince of Persia.

Joining DMA Design in 1997 as producer on the multi-billion dollar generating Grand Theft Auto franchise, Colin then helped found, and was studio manager of, Realtime Worlds where he helped raise over $80m in investment and oversaw development of the two million selling, BAFTA-winning game Crackdown, and the online game APB. Before joining Channel 4, Colin was then VP of business development at RTW spinout eeGeo.

Red Bull’s brand experts, Michael Henderson and Robbie Dean and a representative from Liverpool FC will speak directly to developers in a series of one-to-one meetings to answer the burning questions developers want to put to a company renowned for its strategic digital and social media campaigns – globally as well as nationally.

Both the Red Bull and LFC contingency will also sit on a panel discussion about brands and how they can best leverage the power of digital and gaming opportunities.

Robin Wilson, director of PR and social media at McCann (Manchester) will attend a roundtable to discuss the merits of developing creative social media campaigns. As one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, McCann has been responsible for high profile digital campaigns so Futureproof is thrilled that Robin will be sharing his knowledge with the delegates.

The always popular subject of angel funding will feature John Vakis from the world’s best known crowd funding company (IndieGoGo) who will be streaming live from NYC, and there will be opportunities for questions too.

“We are delighted with the level of experts who have agreed to attend Futureproof and know that delegates who are genuinely interested in finding out more and have the confidence to believe in themselves will find knowledge and inspiration at this event,” said David Pichilingi, CEO, Liverpool Sound City.

“We’re now close to completing the schedule for Futureproof so we’re looking forward to issuing the final series of events onto our website soon,” he added. “And for those who are interested in either writing and blogging or pitching their business, we also have two free tickets to giveaway, which can be found on our website.” 

“Weightmans is proud to support the Futureproof summit.  As well-known legal advisers to developers, publishers, investors and other suppliers to the digital and gaming industries, we feel its vital for our clients in this space to have access to a forum that encourages collaboration across Liverpool, the UK and beyond,” said Sean Crotty, partner with Weightmans – one of Futureproof’s sponsors.

Other roundtables include:


As an event designed specifically to provide timely and constructive information and experts to delegates who are eager to find out how they could get started in – or further develop their business, the Futureproof Summit’s schedule will include:


Liverpool’s reputation as a centre of excellence for games and digital companies is growing. Already, businesses are working in cross-platform content and services for national and global brands such as Sony CEE, BBC, Google and Channel 4, and an ambitious and far-reaching city regeneration programme has supported this development; £4 billion has been committed to physical regeneration.  A major partner for the Futureproof event, ACME is the support agency dedicated to developing creative industries, providing support for small businesses in the Liverpool City region to thrive and grow.

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